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At Penticton Dentures by Design, we want to give you a set of dentures that you feel proud of. We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction, and will work alongside you every step of the way to find a set that works for your lifestyle. On this page, you can read reviews from people we have helped over the years.

Handled with Great Skill

Both my husband and I had denture work done recently. My husband's teeth needed relining which was done promptly and efficiently. He didn't even have to go back to the office for sore spots.

My dentures were 20 year old implants which were worn down. This required special skills and experience to deal with old implant technology. Technology had changed since the early 1990's and I had difficulty finding anyone in our home towns of Cranbrook and Creston who were will to take this challenge on. This was handled with great skill and the result is perfect teeth that fit the way they did when I first had this work done.

Dentures by Design tackled both our requirements with great skill. Both of us are more than happy with the results. We would recommend this office to anyone for fast, efficient and professional service.

-Eunice B.